Friday, 8 February 2008

An Instant Eight Hours Sleep

I have a little secret. You might not think it's that exciting, I do, and it helps me look a bit better when I've had next to no sleep.

It's something that I swear by. In an instant, I can go from looking like a junkyard junkie, a sleep-deprived mama, to looking more like I am ALIVE! Amazing. Anything that can make that transformation - sign me up.

My secret is this. It's the perfect addition for any new mama (plus the baby, of course) to keep in her make-up bag when she needs instant sleep.
And who doesn't need instant sleep? In fact I think it should be given out by the hospitals once you have your baby, 'Here you go, we just know you'll need this.'
Now wouldn't that be a sweet treat?

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