Monday, 4 February 2008

Big Love: Little Tanties

So far I am finding that having two babies is not as difficult as I thought it was going to be.

Yes I'm tired. Yes sometimes I am sometimes a tad cranky due to the sleep deprivation.
Yes sometimes it's hard juggling the two, but overall, it's going well. Touch wood. I am loving it! If only the first time around it was this relaxed.

I'm about to head off to bed to enjoy that sinking into a deep sleep. Can't wait. But before that I have to clock up some 'me time'. Noah is refusing to go to bed anywhere before 9pm. Ouch. For a two and a half year old he's mighty resilient. His latest night has wound up at 10:35pm. Was I counting? Uh huh.

Then waking at 5:30am. No thank you.

I've tried deleting his midday sleep but it's terrible. He goes bonkers. Whacks me with the books. Tantrums on the floor. Kicks me in the leg. Hits me in the face. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

Thankfully today we got out of the house and headed to playgroup. We met up with some friends there, who also happen to have babies very close to our kids' ages. They're a few weeks ahead of us in the baby stakes - and they've been having the same problems with their two and a half year old.

Now instead of being his favourite, I now have 'Go away mummy' or 'Stop mummy, stop' yelled at me.

Thank goodness I no longer feel so alone.

From now on when I have one of those bleak days, when Noah's ears seem to be painted on and he just won't listen, I am going to look at these pictures and just remember, there is a light at the end of this little tunnel.

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