Friday, 22 February 2008

A Night Out At The Small Screen

These days a night out at the movies is rare (though my Mum encouraged us to go out and see 'Juno' at the Roseville Crying Room - GOLD!!!).
So we've gone gung-ho and hired a whole bunch of DVDs that I am hoping we get through this weekend (interspersed with my high-powered fun action).

Last night I actually managed to watch an entire film in one sitting. This is another rarity - we usually go to bed in the middle of a movie, and return to it the next day - sad but true.

Finally, I watched Monster. It was captivating, horrifying and sad all at once. I had put off seeing it because I thought it was going to be too scary for me... It was scary, but more in a I can't-believe-this-is-based-on-real-life kind of scary. Charlize Theron was completely believable too. Wow.

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