Friday, 22 February 2008

Where's the FunShine?

When Matt and I visited London we walked past this busker who was singing 'Where's the sunshine?'. It was rather apt because it was in the dead of November. Think grey, dreary skies. Bitterly cold blusters, the sweaty stifling air in the tube, and rain at the drop of a hat.

But there were some great discoveries over there - I'd love to go back one day. I loved feeding the squirrels in Kensington Gardens. Visiting Liberty (that place is beautiful, even if you don't buy anything, it's gorgeous just to browse). Working in Soho across from the infamous Windmill (check out Mrs Henderson Presents), trawling through Portobello Markets, frequenting the galleries (Saatchi Gallery was my favourite).. And catching up with friends. It was fun, in hindsight. I was also secretly carrying our first baby - so it was that time when you're super tired, and battling morning sickness, but also the very big excitement that your little Bean is growing - a beautiful secret. We had our first ultrasound in the salubrious Harley Street with a gorgeous Italian radiographer who fed me hot chocolate to get Noah to move around from his upside down yogi position. It was a great experience.

But coming back to the busker - I've been thinking recently about what my life is missing.

Where's the funshine?

You know when you go through those stages where you're not really having any fun?? I guess I can't be too critical of my life - we do have a 9 week old baby, so frolicking around the countryside is not my speed at the moment.. But I feel like I am on STOP.

So this weekend (hurray for the weekend!!) our theme is fun.

I want to do some projects with Noah. I've been thinking about taping up some canvases, setting the palette, and getting Noah to go crazy for some artworks for Scout's room. Maybe a visit to the zoo is on the cards.. I've been searching through Jamie Oliver's cookbooks for some cooking inspiration (how nice it would be to visit the Borough Market this weekend!) and whip our life into some kind of fun frenzy.

This weekend I want:
- plenty of cooking time
- snuggles with my big and little man
- art projects with my little man (assisted by my big man)
- secret smooches
- fun on tap
- a treat (heck I want a treat all the time)
- some 'me' time (even 1/2 hour, anything!)
- a sleep in
- to finish all my thank you cards for Scout's presents

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Sarah said...

I'm sure the funshine is coming to a town near you soon. Trust me, it will come back and so will your mojo, you'll be a happenin' thang again. Maybe you need Wudey Wednesday in your life!