Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday Baking

Since the weather is again so lame (think grey skies, a cool breeze, Autumnal almost) I decided to kick the day off with a bit of baking.

I'm currently perfecting my brownies after neglecting to bake them for so long.. They're one of my favourites to bake (so easy!) and totally delicious. And I've discovered that Matt loves them - which is a great thing because often I bake - and then no one eats whatever it is, and it winds up being thrown away. What a waste!

Take the apple muffins Noah and I made earlier this week. They weren't exactly a triumph. They're more rock cake than light puff of sweetness. No one has touched them. And it's not as though they weren't made with great enthusiasm. That same day Noah and I whipped up a milk chocolate brownie and jelly to boot. We were in a cooking frenzy. Noah loves helping his mama in the kitchen - but he loves licking the spoon even more (and subsequently leaving bite marks in all my spatulas!).

If you've not seen or read 'Like Water for Chocolate' it's well worth it. It's a beautiful film about baking.. The main girl in it almost has a supernatural talent for transforming her meals into emotions. I like to think of it when I am baking because I do think that whatever you're feeling at the time goes into your cooking. If you're cranky - you wind up with rock solid cake.

But on this occasion, neither Noah or I were cranky - and it was the first time we'd tried out this recipe, and I don't think we'll be trying it again. We didn't over-stir, it's just a dodgy recipe (well that's what I think anyway).

This weekend has been so nice and relaxing. My parents came to stay with us on Friday night and Mum had cooked up a beautiful beef bourguignon and beautiful cheesecake. We shared some yummy wines and had a relaxed night together, then went to breakfast before they had to make a 12pm sailing adventure around the harbour, then on to visit my sister.

When we left them we went to do a little shopping, then home for a very low key afternoon.

Today is more of the same. I love the weekends.

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Sarah said...

Ahhh...weekends. Don't you love them. Crafting over here in Perth, millions of ideas, not enough know the story. Emjoy your Sunday.