Tuesday, 19 February 2008

This Is For You

I'm not a big believer in Valentine's Day. No siree. Lucky for me, my husband is. On our first Valentine's Day together he gave me a beautiful line drawing (that he did, he's an artist) of two people lying together. Beautiful. It was a complete surprise, especially given my vocal anti-V Day stance.

I hate all the tacky red teddy bears. The garish hearts. The deflating helium balloons (is that an omen of the love???). The fields of baby breath.

But give me a beautiful line drawing wrapped in brown paper - hello! I'm yours.
This year he presented me with Rob Ryan's new book 'This Is For You'.
Funnily, I had eyed off the book earlier in the month in Borders and made a mental note that it would be a great gift for him.. So it was very apt that he wrapped it up for me.

Rob Ryan is a UK artist who does amazingly intricate papercuts. Four years ago, when we were in London, Matt saw his exhibition in a small tucked away gallery. We returned on the weekend (as I was working during the week) so I could share in this joyful discovery, only to discover the exhibition was closed over the weekend.

Very, very disappointing. But my love ensured I got to share in his discovery, and ever since has shown me works that Rob Ryan has crafted. We're both big fans.
He also gave me another book that features Rob's work on the cover - 'One Big Damn Puzzler' by John Harding. I've not actually read it (I will one day), but the cover is ace too.

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