Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sweet Sundays

I love the weekends. Who doesn't?

Nothing like spending a bit of extra time with my love, and getting out amongst it all.

I did get to sneak off first thing on Saturday morning to get some things from the local haberdashery, and also to do a quick spot of thrifting. And boy did I score!

A gorgeous little gold and white tea cup and saucer, three small hand-painted dessert plates, some cute vintage glasses.. Oh and a great Little Tikes cassette player for free!! I know Noah can't wait for a spot of karaoke.

This weekend also gave me an opportunity to gather some thoughts on activities to do with Noah.

I went to the local art store and bought some materials to get busy at home, especially given the weather has been so dreary, it's nice to get those tiny hands busy creating!

I am preparing some small canvases for him to paint, and to be hung in Scout's bedroom.. A delicious lolly-store palette is on the cards. Along with this, we're going to start crafting for Easter. The store had some cute foam eggs, so we got a couple of those.. And - it's almost Autumn. Leaves will start changing, there are hours of crunching underfoot ahead! There's nothing like rugging up a little one and going for a walk - watching the season change.

Noah's obsession with trains is on-going. Which is great, because it uses imaginative play, problem solving and he can play with them for hours - however, it can be a little b-o-r-i-n-g. I am constantly being asked to play trains. I don't mind setting up the tracks, but tootling the train around for an hour, no thank you - I have to do the dishes... Now!

So anything to drag him away from the trains for a little while is a good, good thing.. A bit of colour sorting today was good practice.. Although more often than not, red becomes green, but at least the boy can sort.

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