Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Thrifting Is Not a Past Time, It's a Blood Sport

I mentioned over the weekend that I had been thrifting.. Here's the proof of my spoils.

A gorgeous tea cup and the three hand-painted dishes.. The necklace was a separate score from E-Bay a few years ago.

The store I visited was super busy on Saturday morning.. I was glad I got there when I did, shortly after I had arrived a couple came in and worked their way over everything - luckily I'd already nabbed what I wanted and was ready to pay and go. Just proves you have to be there early, otherwise you miss out!
Sadly the weekend, as always went too quickly.. Though there were a few crazy-funny highlights, such as my father-in-law's clothesline banter about his underwear (yes, it's true) - I mean, what do you say to that?? The fact that Matt and I had to camp out in Noah's bedroom because the house behind us was throwing a huge 21st birthday party complete with mega-watt amped music (thanks for that guys). Noah naming his goldfish - the black one is Dang (!), the gold one is Mummy Fish, and the silver one is Nemo - and his palpable excitement at cleaning out the tank in preparation.

Yesterday we went to playgroup in the morning, much to Noah's delight. I had to wake poor Scout up to go, and she was a little displeased after her sleeps were interrupted, but we had a good time. It was craft week, so Noah got to make a cat and a lion from some shapes. They're now stuck proudly on the wall on his art corner above his newly acquired fish tank. Noah loves showing people his artworks.

Today I've been priming a canvas for him to work on over the week. It's meant to be for Scout's wall, so we'll see how we go. I've opted for a soft lilac and rose pink. I'll keep you updated on the progress but for now it's a small canvas with lilac - nothing too exciting - yet!

As for the little gal in my life, she's been having great sun kicks when she's up, and loves this great book I discovered pre-Christmas at Bray's Kids in Balmain. As is recommended for small babies, the book is made up of gorgeous photographs of black, white and red objects. Its graphic content keeps Scout amused for long periods of time (well as long as a 10 week old is interested, say 10 minutes?!), plus it's good for brain development too.
Designed by NZ photographer Kimberley Kent, there are a couple of other different types you can get. I think it's such a great idea, and is in such a format that you can tuck it in beside them during change time, or down the side of the bassinet for baby's viewing pleasure!

I was also madly looking for a mobile to hang above the change table. When Noah was a babe we had one, but sadly somehow it got a little broken in his cupboard. I found a graphic black and white baby mobile that's designed to entertain and stimulate the new baby. Scout also loves these shapes too - tracking them from one side to the other - they're very interesting to her!
I am still waiting for my husband to put it together for me, so for now it's in pieces near her change table.. But I did just find this so you can put your own together very easily. Dang - now why didn't I find this earlier?
But for now I am enjoying just being at home alone. Both my parents-in-law are away for 10 days (yeehaaaa!) and the freedom that comes with that is sweet.
Since we moved in with my parents-in-law (three years ago - today!) I've felt a little under the thumb. Or more likely under surveillance. As soon as we walk out our front door (we have a separate section) they come out theirs to find out where we're going. As soon as we come into the garage, they come out to see where we've been. Matt tells me it's good material for my writing.
Having had so much independence since I was 18, to give it away is hard to live with. While we're very fortunate to live here, it comes at a high cost ie my sanity. But onwards and upwards, we are looking for a place to move to, and thankfully we don't have to hurry.. So the search continues.

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Hi, love the sassy nu look! Good thrifting girlfriend. I likey.