Sunday, 3 February 2008

What's What

Watching: Grey Gardens (heck ladies, you sure are ker-azy!)

Listening to: Juno soundtrack

Tuning into: So You Think You Can Dance (and not convinced it's as good as the US version, shame on me the cynic)

Reading: Frankie and anything that tells me how to settle a wee little baby

We live on the upper north shore where the saying 'children should be seen and not heard' has real currency. For instance I took Noah to a local nursery/cafe on his little trike where we were greeted with cranky stares and mutters. Hello to you too, charmed I'm sure.

The same nursery now has A4 size signs stating that children are not to run amok in store. Boo yar!!

So this weekend we headed beyond the borders on our conservative suburb, and made a great, great discovery!

Chicken and Fishhead is a tres cool cafe and kids store that is completely kid friendly. We immediately felt right at home, right next to a plate of gorgeous cupcakes. Noah loved the blackboard, crayons and paper, the small colourful abacus' and pint-sized chairs that were perfect for his little toosh. We loved browsing through the gorgeous toys and clothes, and being able to kick back knowing that our babies weren't interfering with anyone's lunch - if you know what I mean.. There were no displeased glances to be had.

Run by a stylist and her husband, of course the clothes are gorgeous, and the toys divine - we're definitely going to head back there for breakfast and a browse!

So now I am trying to decide just what to do with my pretty stash of fabrics when my sister visits from Perth and teaches me some sewing basics. Oh the creative juices are flowing, now they just need an outlet. If only I could sew!

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