Monday, 4 February 2008

Pirate Treasure

Noah and I often spend lots of time digging in the sand for pirate treasure. Sometimes we find gold coins in there, sometimes just bits of leaves and twigs. Sometimes trains that he's forgotten about and have now been water and sand logged and look a little sad. No matter what it's always fun to find something together to spark off more adventures.
Which brings me to my husband's favourite joke:
Why are pirates called pirates?

Because they ARGH!

We also LOVE finding loot in our mailbox. Noah's a big fan and has been posted trains (his favourite kind of mail), cards, cars and even special books on trains (hello, just how many times he has to be read 'The Little Red Caboose' is too many?). But sometimes even junk mail can provide a few minutes of entertainment.

My sister in Perth sent over a gorgeous array of so-cute-it-should-be-made-illegal presents to herald Scout's arrival, plus some treats for Noah. Oh boy - did he love them - it's a 'wowwipop mummy' and booooooks. Scout and I just love her pretty in pink precious wardrobe. Oh lala, no doubt about it, the baby girl's going to be better dressed than her mama. In amongst her gifts were a gorgeous pair of cotton booties, perfect for this crazy weather. Noah has pointed out they also double as ear 'tectors' (protectors) or that Scout looks like a baby piggy.

My other sister also gave Scout these pretty socks - almost too cute to take out of the box! A bit Cath Kidston, I've got them in Scout's room on display, but soon they'll be washed and rolled ready for wearing. I am just prolonging the gorgeous boxed effect.

Now I'm off for a bottle of milk. Yo ho ho! ARGH!

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