Thursday, 27 March 2008

An Empty House (Also known as: The 12 Bar Blues in A Minor)

Easter's been and gone and with it, my sister and my niece have visited and since flown back home to Perth.

Why does all the good stuff have to go so quickly?

You know. You wait and wait in excited anticipation. The time draws nearer, the butterflies go into a frenzy. It's a beautiful, little bit impatient, sweet anticipation.

And then BANG! They're here - busy, chat chat chat, love, love love, love love love.

Mum and Dad to visit. Anna up for a little while. Sweet family love. Funny stories. Funny, haha, relaxed. Beautiful. Ah. Sigh. Sweet.

Little cousins going crazy. Boing-ing up and down on the bed, chasing the ducks, being funny. Getting into mischief. Oh little babies - take a mental photo of this fun-ness.
Bang. Gone again. Just three sweet days.

It was such a beautiful short time. Makes me want to plan the next time we see each other. It had been seven looong months since our fun girlie long weekend in Melbourne (where coincidentally I was struck down with an un-fun case of gastro and bound to bed and bathroom for one of the three days - booyar!).
My niece Phoebe is a bright-eyed delight. So gorgeous and gentle with Scouty. Keen to discover. Sweet sweet girl. Wrapped her up in my arms and smelt her goodness. A beautiful happy girl. Gosh I can't wait to see her again.

And Choc, my beautiful sister. What fun we have together. I need not say anymore. I've just spent the last couple of days with wet eyes. Boohar.
Noah's been asking "Where's P-Bee?".
Why do holidays always seem to hit fast-forward?

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Sarah said...

Wet eyes in the west too. Sweet cherubum memories, candle burnt at both ends, long Easter walk, precious cousin moments, far too short, got to come again soon!

Love all 4 of you