Friday, 28 March 2008

It's A Crewel, Crewel World

In between wooing Scout with the sweet enticement of a deep, delicious sleep, I managed to finally finish Noah's pillow case. Two little catties (Mummy Catty and Tookie Catty) and the word 'love'. And love it he does. Well I do at least. It's my first project and I am pretty enamoured by it. The underside is a big mess of floss, but heck, it's my first attempt, and I am a happy Catty!

This was such a fun project, and I am itching to get stitching! So much so, that during the midst of Scout's unsettledness yesterday, that actually spanned the entire day (SIGH!) I popped her in the sling and she slept while I sewed. A little awkward doing embroidery with a bundle on my front, but it gave me some salvation at least!

These delightful little cats are from Jenny Hart's 'Sublime Stitching'.

Meanwhile I am stepping up the house search - I have to get out of here. Three years of living with the in-laws is quietly doing my head in.

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Sarah said...

The pillowcase looks amazing. All perfect with those teeny tiny stitches you do - gorgeous and well done for your first effort. Gold Star Girlfriend!