Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Chaos Theory

Today has been chaotic. First up, a doctor's appointment for 4 month jabs. Doctor is running 1/2 hour late - but no one tells me this. Entertain children. Didn't bring pram so nurse little one. Finally - our name is called. One needle per leg. Poor baby. Wait to pay at counter for five minutes before being told I have to wait even longer. Starting to feel very anxious. Tell the receptionist I am running terribly late and that I have to get to swimming in 5 minutes (and it's a 5 minute drive - eeek). Tell her I will be back later to pay.

Race off, late, to swimming. Get there five minutes late to find the class has (as per my guess) already started. A bewildered Noah delivered to teacher in pool. Half an hour passes with me feeling totally stressed. All the other mums stare in what I can only imagine is half-bemusement. Feel like total scatterbrain.

Back to car to try and get sleeping baby back into car without waking her. Fail.

Noah tells me he needs a surprise. Who am I to argue?

Drive around looking for somewhere easy I can park - run in - and purchase some kind of surprise. IGA - park right out front. Return triumphant with choc Paddlepop in hand (hmm, yes a pre-lunch ice cream always goes down a treat!?).

Home for lunch and sleep times for both babes.

Realise I have forgotten to return to the doctor's surgery. Make a note to call them back when I have wrangled both babies down for their sleeps.

Missed phone calls to tell us that we might possibly be successful in applying for a new house to rent. In my delirium, keep forgetting to call them back. Sigh. Actually, I don't keep forgetting, am just struck with fear as to whether this is the right move. Is it? How will we know? Or should we just plunge forward and go for it? Still frozen with fear.

Have long list of things to do, but just can't find that darn list.

Quickly clean the house - well part of it. Well not much of it truthfully, try and mop the floor, and finally get to soak some thrifted goodies for show and tell later in the week.

Have small freak out when I realise it's not that long to go til it's both Matt's and Noah's birthdays. Really must get organised.

Finally remember one thing from my to do list. Buy a new camera. Oh - and go back to the doctor. Why is my chaos running me around in a full circle?


Kirsty said...

Yep - chaos - I know it well. It's time for a pretty drink babe!

lovely lindsay said...

love the chaos. luckily my day included a long nap for both me and boy. i'm a lucky girl.
a move is always terrifying. even if it means better things all around it's still scary to leave where we are comfortable. good luck!
love, lindsay