Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I'm Going to Be A Train Driver

While we were driving to my parent's place (a five hour drive), Noah informed me that Matt was going to be a farmer and that I was going to be a train driver.

Let me tell you, I'm pretty excited that I am destined to be a train driver. City-trains. Look out Morris Iemma, I might even be able to get them running on time. Now wouldn't that be crazy.

Noah is crazy for trains. Not just a little bit interested. He's a boy obsessed. So it was very apt that my sister gave him a new book while we were away.

'Giorgio and his Star Crane Train' by Jessica Spanyol is such a cute book. And there's so much text, dialogue (but - you shouldn't be put off by that) and cute illos that are sort of reminiscent of Richard Scarry. The text is written in a way that it's fun to read (unlike Rev. W. Awdry's dry Thomas books which are epic) and look at each of the pictures - so there's plenty to talk about.

There are four books in the MiniBugs series - each with their own crazy vehicle, and each are definitely worth checking out. Meet the MiniBugs — four wild, crazy drivers, each with a book of his own. This is fast becoming a favourite in our house.

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