Thursday, 10 April 2008

Funny Funny Ha-Ha

You know those days when you're struggling to get through? Since daylight savings ended, I'm struggling with the time change, and feeling a bit ho-hum and weary. Today was one of those days I thought, my goodness, how am I going to get through without counting down each 1/2 hour?

Well Noah was like some kind of crazy comic relief. We read a grand total of 11 books in one sitting - and he was still asking for more. The Gruffalo, and The Gruffalo's Child were particular favourites. He kept asking me if they were scary!

Later in the morning he demonstrated his 'rollerskating'. I did wonder if Matt had helped him concoct this hair-brained scheme, but as it turns out, it was his own creation.

Here's our very own tutorial on how to go rollerskating 'Noah-style'.

What You'll Need:

- two socks
- two sports cars
- a tiled floor (floorboards would do well too!)
What to do:
Put socks on feet. Put cars on floor. Put feet on cars. Go rollerskating. Red Santa hat is optional for extra speed.

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Sarah said...

Ha ha ha! He he he! Hilarious!