Friday, 11 April 2008

Sparkly Toes

It was over three years ago that I saw Damien Hirst's 14 foot tiger shark at The Saatchi Gallery. It was pretty awe-inspiring. The sheer size of that shark sent a shiver down my back, I couldn't help to stare and be simultaneously scared and amazed by it.

The shark, also known as 'The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living' is suspended in formaldehyde to preserve the shark. Remember science class when the lab assistants had put a sheep/pig foetus in glass jars filled with formaldehyde? Yuck. Not only interesting, but actually it's potentially harmful at the same time.
Anyway, this week I've come to appreciate my bare toenails. Usually I am loathe to have naked toenails, I think it looks almost rude. I always have a lipstick pink pot of polish at the ready. However, I have just learnt that most nail polishes contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has been classified as a human carcinogen. Pretty scary huh?
But I've discovered that Eva Karpati has created a formaldehyde-free nail varnish in some pretty great colours, along with her mission to go petro-chemical free. Pretty courageous given the beauty industry seems to be pumping out products packed with parabens and all sorts of harmful chemicals, dyes etc.
So now I'm on my own mission to track down these Karpati nail varnishes to de-nudify my toenails. Tally ho!

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