Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Yesterday Noah and I had one of those silly days. Silly because it was raining and we were stuck inside. While Scouty was sleeping, we got up to some silly shenanigans.
Noah tried on a wig that M had from a dress-up party. Actually, truth be known, I bribed Noah to try this wig on. I wanted to see just how ridiculous he would look with hair that's bigger than him.

It was worth a bit of a giggle.

Later in the day the postman came and delivered some mail from my mum and dad for Noah. Noah guessed that it might contain books - but I knew it might contain something else..

Last week Noah came into the bathroom, looked at his reflection with great concern and noted he had no eye-brows.. M carried on this joke and told him that Biddy (my Dad) had them. Anyone that knows my Dad knows that he too doesn't have any eyebrows. Must be a genetic thing. So Noah decided to ring Biddy to find out if he did have his eyebrows. M and I were cracking up at the following conversation where Noah asked for his eyebrows back.

Carrying on from this, Noah tore into his parcel yesterday to find some adhesive eyebrows and also - as a bonus, a moustache. I had to bribe him to put these on too. A lot of bribery going on around here!

After looking at these photos, I realised it reminded me of an art show that I'd recently read about in Frankie. An artist had put together a selection of composite photos, or identi-kit style head shots alongside the actual photographs of the people. It was an interesting art project. Particularly when paired with a short bio on the person.

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