Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Pretty Things!

Recently I made a great purchase. A really great purchase.

It's something that I admire each and every day, and I know is going to be a favourite for my baby girl as she grows up.

I've had a bit of an Etsy addiction for a couple of years, and bought some great things from sellers on there, from all around the world. It's amazing to think how many talented people there are in this world!

But this one, this one is definitely one of my very, very favourite purchases.

Tactile and very pleasing to the eye, each time I look at it, there's something new that catches my attention.

onegirl is one very clever lady!

Just look at that. Beautiful!

Now I am just waiting for someone to have a baby girl so I can give them one too!


Sarah said...

This is beautiful and whimsical and so, so lovely. Good find!

leslie said...

aw, sweet! thank you : )