Monday, 7 April 2008

Oh Schweppes!

I've heard that little people are sponges. We all have heard this. They learn so quickly. I know this in my own life. Noah, nearly three, is constantly absorbing so much, learning, growing. Wow. So I really shouldn't be surprised when I hear him parrot my expletives.. Oh dear.

Before I launch into my little stories, I must point out that the name of my blog 'Potty Mouth Mama' was borne from thinking of my life as toilet training Noah, rather than me having a huge desire to swear. I pretty well deleted swearing from my vocab before Noah's birth in the interests of... being a good mama. Unfortunately it's crept back in, but I'm no potty mouth mama really!

However, last week when I was grumping about the house, I walked past Noah and his Daddy having book time on the couch - and heard a small voice say: 'Bloody Mummy'. Ouch. I was shocked, but thought perhaps I had misheard him, so I asked him what he'd said. 'Bloody Mummy' in a bolder voice. Make a mental note to watch what I say little ears are listening.

Then over the weekend Matt and I had a heated moment and I happened to say another unsavoury word. Moments later, it was replicated in a smaller voice. Woops!

I had better watch my mouth otherwise I am going to have to wash it out with soap and have a potty mouth baby. Noah did go through a stage when he was smaller, saying truck came out with a phhhh sound instead. It caused a few stressed moments when in shops and particularly around our neighbourhood with the toffee nosed ladies.. Hey, we all need an education in kiddie swearing. Just jokes - I just have to learn to bite my tongue and use other words to express my anger/grumpiness.

On another note, Noah's almost better - thank goodness! I have been having to put cream on his nose which is absolutely abhors. So in order to do so, I've been having to bribe him (my mother-in-law has told me to call it 'positive reinforcement'). the positive reinforcement takes the shape of a snake here, a choccy there, but just before bed time the other night, I was desperate and he was totally fritzing at me. I brought out a new book - which I thought was far too old for him, and said he could have it, if he let me put the cream on him. He took it, hook. Line. Sinker.

Surprisingly, this book has been a huge hit. Huge, huge, huge hit. It's been constantly requested ever since. Hubert Horatio is a very cute book, and one that I enjoy reading - so I don't mind the repeated readings. It makes me laugh even harder when Noah asks what's happening to 'Bob and Trent' while pointing at Hubert's parents, the Bobton-Trents. I'm in stitches people - stitches!

Lauren Child is such a clever children's author. She first came into my life when I was looking for new books for my nephews.. This would have to be at least five years ago now.. Wow. So it's super fun that Noah is now enjoying these books, and even Charlie and Lola TV.

Her website's pretty super too.

Speaking of children's books (how's that for a segue??) my sister introduced me to this pretty fab website last week and I have to say, it's pretty darn good. I love nothing better than reading about great kids books (well maybe I do love a massage. A pedi is pretty good. A great dinner. A nice big cuddle. Laughing. Ok - there are plenty of things I love better but you get the picture, right?), and this website is fantastic for recommendations on not only new books, but revisiting well-known, well-loved classics too. Definitely worth a virtual visit to add to your bookshelf.

I heart books too.

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leslie said...

hey there, thanks for popping by my blog, i'm happy your comment lead me back here to your space. loving the book recommendations (for big and little people), i'll be visiting again : )