Thursday, 3 April 2008

New Projects

I've started my next project. If you live in Perth, and happen to be my sister, perhaps you should stop reading now. It's meant to be a surprise. But there are reasons I must blog about it today.

1) It's been a very quiet week at home. Noah and I have both been sick, he's had slap cheek, and I've had a sore throat that's just gone on and on so I don't have much to blog about;
2) I am pretty excited about this new little project on the hop

So I have started a little pillowcase for part of my niece's birthday that is coming up this month. It's pretty cute. It's based on a Kurt Halsey design from 'Sublime Stitching'. I've been saving this up to use since my sisters, mum and I went for our girlie weekend to Melbourne and visited Meet Me At Mikes. And now I am ready to stitch until it hurts.

But because I am a few brain cells short this week, I made some serious mistakes when placing the transfers on the pillowcase. Fingers crossed it washes out or I will have to start again.

On top of this I've been reading like a maniac. I am a bit hooked on Phillippa Gregory's 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. I can't believe what a cow Anne Boleyn was to her sister!

Anyway, I must adieu and get back to my stitching with the sun on my back. Ah lovely!

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