Friday, 18 April 2008

Pink Elephant in the Room - A Week of Pillowcases

Continuing on from my week-long public declaration of love for vintage pillowcases (as part of Kootoyoo's project at Meet Me At Mikes - check out more pillowcase goodness over here) here's a few more from my collection..
Today - children's pillowcases.. Both from the pile I had long forgotten.

The pink elephant is pretty cute. I think it will wind up in Scouty's bedroom in some way or another.
Remember when you were small and you used to pore over little prints? I used to spend hours staring at picture books, creating small dialogues, embellishing their stories. There were a few books that were particular favourites, but I also created these dialogues with imagery on sheets, crockery, and even cutlery... Remember having your favourite fork that starred a little cat or puppy? It was imperative for supreme dining experience to have that particular fork!

One of my sisters had yellow Holly Hobbie sheets. My other sister, when she was a little older had these peach satin sheets. Gosh I remember being so envious. When she moved out, I always tried to get these sheets for my bed. The experience of sleeping on them was not as good as the fantasy. I thought I'd feel like a princess. Instead I'd just slide straight out of bed. Hmph.

The other pillowcase features squirrels, rabbits and bears (and I think some raccoon sort of creature).

And I know it's not strictly a pillowcase (it could be with some reworking) but I had to share this cute bassinet sheet featuring baby deers. A sort of Bambi tribute.

There are a few more pillowcases to share, so I'll continue on into the weekend to make up for my absence from the start of the week.

Sleep tight.

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Claire F said...

it's been great looking at everyone's pillow cases, the amount of times I've said out load to the computer 'I've got the sheet!' Would be amazing to get every one together and pair the sheets and pillow cases off! would sound a bit like a 'swingers' party from the 70's though!