Monday, 12 May 2008

A Mini-Break of Sorts

Our little family is away from home for two blissful parents-in-law free weeks. My sister's gone away so we're house-sitting. Lucky, lucky us.

From where I am perched I can hear the waves crashing. It's a beautiful thing.

We arrived late Saturday afternoon, but more than made up for it on Sunday. We took a little morning family walk around the neighbourhood, then came home in time for a midday cat-napping session. Come 3pm we headed to some nearby rockpools to discover some 'wobsters', I was just hoping for some small sand crabs and anemones.. Not to be.. But we pretty well had this small stretch of beach to ourselves.
I imagined life as a billionaire with our own bungalow beachside. Just to pop out to the water, have the waves tickle our toes. Mmm. Better start buying those lottery tickets more rhythmically!
Sand castles were built, and subsequently crashed. Noah was a boy possessed, building, re-building and then stomping. We wandered the empty beach, combing for pieces. Matt collected beautiful rocks perfectly smoothed by the sea. Noah joined in and filled his bucket with any rock, not a discerning geographer, he didn't care what they looked like. Looks like a rock, I'll pop it in my bucket. That was until he went to carry the bucket a few metres further. Then the rocks were dutifully returned to the sand.
He was my own little 'Storm Boy' sans pelican. All the while, I wore Scouty and she slept soundly. Ah the life of a bub.
If only every day was as laid back as this. Alas, Monday rolls around and Matt's off to work.

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Sarah said...

Aggh...who's the fox on the beach?