Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Slow Stitcher

I am finally on the home straight of this pillowcase.. It's taken me a looong time. Too long. I kind of stopped work altogether for a number of reasons ie. no day-time stitching time, too much blogging, and no good night lights to work by. But as of this 'holiday' week, once the babies are down and out, I love nothing better than brandishing my needles and getting to work.

Anyway, it feels good to be getting so close to done. But then I keep thinking about a project that I started pre-Scout - intended for her room, back when I had no idea whether we were expecting a petit girl or boy. Now I think I can get back into it. Suffolk puffs! Alas, I've left this at home, so will have to wait til we head that way. I also stopped work on this because - well those things eat a lot of fabrics - and there I was hacking into my beloved stash (that just sits there for me to look at, arrange, re-arrange, dream a little dream) and seeing what mighty big circles made such small puffs. HMPH! So it's time to close it off and get back to the wild days of yo-yos!

House-sitting is going well. It's even hot here during the day. We've been enjoying doing the Sea Cliff Walk which is pretty magic. Noah loves taking Bella (my sister's mini-Schnauzer), giggling in delight pretty well the whole way. Though the downside is that Matt has doubled his commuting time, spending four hours a day going to and coming home from work - both in the dark!
This weekend is Matt's birthday. I'm pretty excited and on a mission to whip up a cheesecake for his cake!


Sarah said...

The embroidery looks fabulous! And that cheesecake sounds good. I'd like to pop over for a Stanners weekend.

Danielle said...

i'm sure your cheesecake will be yummy! the enbroidery is gorgeous. i love the birdy.