Thursday, 12 June 2008

A Really Big Crush

I've been looking for a mobile for over six months. Six months is a long time to be looking at mobiles. It's been like the summer of discontent as I searched high and low for 'the one'. Everything I've come across seems a bit twee. There are some beautiful ones out there, but none of them felt 'right'. There was no long-term commitment from me, so I'd flirt online, and then just dump them as quickly.

Until now. I do believe I've found 'the one' I can commit to.

Called 'Blossom' it's made by Nina Still of Puka Puka Design. Nina has trained as an architect and a jeweller (hence those gorgeous lines), she's Australian based too which is even better.

Drawing on inspiration from her journeys around the South-eastern coast of Australia, she's influenced by the landscape (check out
her blog - some great shots of her travels), collecting found objects and making sketches to put together the initial prototype. They're such beautiful creations that remind me a bit of Alexander Calder - beautiful.
You can visit Nina's website here, her inspiring blog here or her Etsy shop here!

Oh - and puka-puka means 'an object gently floating in space’. Sigh. I think my search is now over.


Sarah said...

Great find Al! Simply stunning. Thanks for the links too. I'll go have a sticky.

leslie said...

i've been hunting for mobiles, too and had decided to just make one... now i'm off to peruse her etsy shop, though - thanks for the link!