Sunday, 8 June 2008

Starting to Stitch Again

Design Collection for Kids - Jap embroidery book

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There's something so luxurious about a long, long weekend. Matt took an extra day off work so we could enjoy four days together. Bliss.

The sun has come out to play. We've been getting some odd jobs done, the house is a complete shambles (but I'm ok with that), and I have been able to indulge in a new stitching project (even though I am STILL not finished with the other).

It's so nice to have that quiet rhythm of stitching. I just sit and stitch, sit and stitch, sit and stitch. An occasional cup of tea. A thought floats through my head, but mostly I get to engage in doing something for myself. I know that's a rare thing for a lot of people, and I appreciate this time.

I've started to dream big about the kind of projects I want to embark on. About decorating our house. Decorating the children's rooms. Noah loves his cat pillowcase and asks for it sometimes. That's a good feeling.

For now, the boys have gone skating, Scout is asleep, and so I am going to continue to sit and stitch.


Miss 376 said...

It was quiet times like that,that keep me going, means I'm relaxed and able to cope with whatever the children decide to throw at me. Enjoy your stitching

Kirsty said...

I can relate. I'm really loving handwork at the moment.

Leni & Rose said...

Oh, how heavenly!

Suse said...

Sounds lovely. I wish I could be ok with my house when it's a shambles ...

Maybe more stitching and another cup of tea?

Sarah said...

Nothing better than the opportunity to sit and stitch. I'm glad you had a great long, long weekend. Is that book on your wish list?