Monday, 9 June 2008

This Is...

Just a few of my favourite travel photos - how could I choose just one??

There are a few reasons this trip was one of my favourite ever. It was my first (and only - so far) trip overseas. Matt and I were newly engaged, and we had the best secret ever. I was pregnant with Noah but had only told our immediate family. It was a great secret to share together, run away overseas with our happiest secret, all the while discovering London and Paris together. I was probably the happiest girl on the planet.

But how could I sum up my favourite travel pic with just one photo? I can't. Whenever we're travelling, it usually means a ten on the fun-o-meter.

The first one is me feeding squirrels in Kensington Gardens. I thought they were the cutest things I had ever seen. Unfortunately after I started feeding these two, I heard a strange noise - looked up and saw Matt quickly walking away from me. I was puzzled. Moments later, a whole blanket of pigeons descended around me. Yuck. Thanks for the warning Matt!

Beautiful painted doorways in Notting Hill..

Galleries Lafeyette at Christmas time (and pretty well the only blue sky we got to see during our trip).

And this one totally captures us at the time. Happy. The beginning of our big love. On an adventure.

I can't wait to go back overseas, this time with the little ones. It's not on the cards at the moment, but you have to dream big to get anywhere! Travel gypsy style for a couple of months through France, Spain and Italy.. Then onto NYC!

Thanks to Hila for this weeks fun theme! And thanks to Three Buttons too!


Sarah said...

Great photos Al. You are still the same today - gorgeous and happy!

Lisa said...

You look so blissfully happy together.

Beautiful photos.

Bird Bath said...

what gorgeous sounds like and ideal holiday -so does the one your'e dreaming of.
The photo of the two of you together is superb.

Maureen said...

The trip must have been great but the pic of young cheeks and what I'll remember.

flossy-p said...

heee, that last photo sums it AAAAALLLL up! :D