Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Storage Solutions

I have some major storage issues in our home. There's just not enough cupbpoard space, so there's always stuff lying around. It equals sometimes a huge mess. And this is catastrophic for a hoarder such as myself.

Lucky for us, we scored these two great suitcases - lining is impeccable and they don't even have that musky smell that tends to come with a lot of pre-loved goods.

I'm thinking they're perfect for the little people's rooms. What could be more fun than opening a suitcase masquerading as a dress-up box (and can even be incorporated into the dress-ups?)?


leslie said...

oooh, i love those! and, yes, absolutely perfect for dress up storage.

Mrs.French said...

Honestly, one of my favorite storage solutions! I have been eyeing a lovely pale blue number on etsy! How perfect do they looked stacked neatly on top of eachother? Pretty darn perfect!

.girl ferment. said...

great suitcases. how fun to use them as dress up cases.