Thursday, 26 June 2008

Inspiration Will Hit

Hi, my name's Alex and I am a hardcore hoarder and I have a confession to make. I hold onto things that haven't seen the light of day for years - but you just never know when I might need them again. Take for example the box currently sitting upstairs that I've not unpacked for over three years. It's full of all kinds of stuff. Old work stuff (cause I might just need it), photos, and probably a whole lot of dust. I wish someone would just hypnotise the hoarder out of me.

Feels like I should be heading to hoarding rehab.

Anyway, as a continuation of my storage theme (I'm thinking if I had better storage then I would be able to find things, and thus throw out things I don't really need - oh that hurts!), I stumbled upon this cute little set of drawers by Wrongwoods by way of Poppytalk. Seriously cute, like living in a cartoon! If you have a lazy $6,000+ you can buy it here.
Word on the street is they have nightstands too. Can you imagine just how cute these would be?
Anyway, we are hopefully moving soon. So I am attempting a fine stunt. To oust our house of some of my accumlated stuff. And so far, I am not doing too badly. I have ebayed a few things. I have tossed a few things. I have charity binned a few bags of goodies too. But now I am getting hardcore. After this weekend I am going to set myself a challenge. A bag a day must leave our house. A bag a day.
It's almost like my mini-marathon. Now I just need someone to toss a glass of water on my face mid-week and I'll keep on with my anti-junk regime. Go me!


flossy-p said...

hehehe GO YOU!

A word of warning... Just before we moved house I too had a huge casting off spree. I'm pretty sure I was almost at a bag a day too, ruthless I was. Sadly it seems I may have been a little too frenzied, as my favourite denim skirt has been missing ever since. I think the local op shop may have ended up with a near-new skirt from Melbourne. Damn!

I hope its new owner is loving it as much as I did.

alexandra said...

Oh no! That's bad news on the skirt front!

- I have been warned. Just after having our baby, I got a little ruthless, and a tad reckless and think I may have knowingly done away with my favourite faux ponyskin jacket. I can't find it anywhere. But I can't remember what I did - did I toss it, or is it still lurking?

Leni & Rose said...

I am such a hoarder as well - good luck with a bag a day! It's going to be hard, but hang in there!!!! :)

Mrs.French said...

I have been purging as well. I love this piece as well, but do not have the $6000 needed to buy it...I will admire from afar like you!