Friday, 20 June 2008

Things To Do On Quiet Grey Days with Busy Boys

Hi. It's me, here at pottymouthmama headquarters. Eating Clinkers (and trying to find a pink one) while tapping away at the keyboard. Dr Phil is on in the background (hey desperate times call for desperate measures). We're stuck at home today awaiting a delivery. We've been given the hours 9am-5pm. What happened to the 9-12noon slot - I feel like we're doing a whole work day just waiting. So I'm playing CEO and very aptly, doing no housework. Noah's 2-i-c and has gone for a nap. It's hard times here at pmm.

It's a bit bleak outside. We (read: me) don't feel much like braving the elements and being outside.

So here is a list of grey day activities the little guy and I are getting into in our play 'headquarters' - our bed:

1) Snap! with these cute Usborne truck cards N got for his third birthday from his aunty

2) Threading - or as N calls it 'sewing'

3) Drawing - we've got Silky Crayons which are not only delicious to draw with (like an oil pastel), but they can be used like a watercolour to give a nice wash of colour

4) Tower building - good for hand eye coordination, as well as imaginative play

5) Online shopping - here. I have to get birthday presents bought somehow people!

Well number five doesn't really involve my small child, but a girl's got to do something while she's waiting for the littlies to arise!

6) Gardening - we went to the nursery yesterday and stocked up on herbs. All the while, the little guy saying: 'three more mummy, three more' which resulted in me buying more than I really wanted, but I've been dreaming of a functioning herb garden for more than a few months, so it's time to get down and dirty (gardening I mean folks, it's all good clean fun here)

7) and maybe at the end of the day, just before bath time, we might do some finger painting

And that my dear friends is how you fill up a bleak day with a busy boy. Super fun and good times! Anyway, I have a very important 1pm with Oprah, pottymouthmama is a busy place you know!

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