Sunday, 1 June 2008

This Is...

My pet - I had a dwarf rabbit when I was a teenager - look at me all lanky and dorky, with my rabbit and her kittens. Alas, they all died of myxomatosis and I was heart broken.

In this picture I am holding my cat Yoko, He was the best cat. Fat, funny, very laid back, and strangely he had some very human characteristics. Even though he died seven years ago, I still think of him, I've never met another cat like him... Look at him eyeing off those rabbits!

Though when I lived in a unit, back in my single days, a cat called Balou used to come and visit me. I loved that cat. He was a beautiful blue Burmese (I think) and made himself very comfortable at our place. He even got annoyed at me when I was on the phone and attacked the cord out of jealousy.

And now we have three goldfish. Noah's goldfish really. They don't sit on my lap and they don't purr.
Thanks to Kyla for this week's theme, and thanks to Three Buttons for the meme!


.girl ferment. said...

those bunnies are too cute.

Two Peas In a Pod said...

AWW, those bunnies are adorable.
But look at YOKO he is like a gental giant :) Thanks for sharing this week. Kyla

aysaray─▒ said...

your cat's very sweety...I admired