Sunday, 1 June 2008

Boats, Birthdays and Sleepy Sundays

Yesterday we went to see Bateaux Jouets at the Australian Maritime Museum. It was good. Though I was expecting to see some little boats in action. Nope, they were all concealed behind glass - I wanted to see those babies sailing - even replicas would have been good! Noah's favourite bit was the TV (how predictable), and then checking out the boats on the harbour. It was such a stellar sunny day, and so good to be out and about.

Today is my sister's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHOC! She's waaay over in Perth, so we miss out on cake, though we did manage a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday this morning. We were pretty excited about her present (hello Betty Jo!). We hope she loves it as much as we do.

Anyway, today has been a bit of a slow one. Scout had me up six times throughout the night and I am a huge grouch. And that was a total understatement.

Bedtime here I come!

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Sarah said...

Thank you sister! My presents are adorable. Thank you so much.