Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I Love My Chucks. And I'm Not Talking Norris.

Nikki's Chuck Taylor

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My little man got his first pair of Chucks today. For those that don't have a pair of Chucks, or Converse, it's a pivotal moment.

I can remember my first like it was yesterday. Year 10 farewell, I wore a long blue linen dress with my Chucks. Oh so cool, ouch, it hurts.

Then I went on to have a torrid love affair with a pale blue pair of Chucks. Mmm. Sweet love. But it wasn't to last. After a few years we parted ways, my Chucks started looking a little too scruffy. My next affair was with a hot pink (I'm talking Flamingo) hi-tops. I loved those babies.

And then we too parted ways. And I was infatuated with a navy pair. Classic. Understated. But the passion was still there. We travelled to London and Paris in the thick of winter. We weren't a compatible couple at this time. My Chucks kept getting rained on. Cold. They weren't a good partner for my wintery travels, but we came home, sorted things out, and still the love keeps growing (thankfully my foot does not).

So now I am passing this passion on to my little dude. Already he's in love. They're sleeping next to his bed.

If you click over here, you can design your own Chucks. Now that's what I call lurve.


edward and lilly said...

Ahhh, chucks :) I got my first pair in year 8, they were my school shoes for 5 years. My current pair of green double tongues travelled to 17 cities with me last year. Ain't nothin' like em.

Sarah said...

Cool Converse memories. I just watched my older sister in high school wear her red hi tops - all the whilst wishing I had my own. But I never did and never have. I think I need to remedy that.

Lisa said...

I was never cool enough to own a pair of my own, but at 4 and 2 my girls each have a pair in the psychedelic print.

CurlyPops said...

I remember my first pair of chucks...it was 1988 and they were red.....ahhhh the memories!
Now I'm a Dunlop Volley convert!

Mrs.French said...

B's on his second pair. My first pair was red, I stole them from my sister and had to squeeze my toes to make them fit...so worth it! Thanks for the memories!