Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Styling Up

Since becoming a mum, my style has somewhat changed to suit my life. Well, it goes without saying that when you're pregnant, you start to wear whatever fits (particularly in the last weeks). And hey - I turned up to the hospital for the birth of my first child in a pair of my husband's paint spattered tracksuit pants, Birkenstocks, my husband's t-shirt with an opium smoking Chinese woman, and a Chinese jacket. I'm not sure whether it was the fact I was labouring hardcore by this stage (think two minute contractions) or my fashion choice that made the man on the front desk let us go straight up, whatever it was - smart choice my friend.

But these are the type of fashion moments I am trying to avoid. A little difficult when your once mean metabolism has decided to keep tabs on all those chocs you sneak during the day.. Oh not to mention the baked goodies you had to sample. Sigh. Bad night with the baby? Yes, I deserve that extra scoop of ice cream. Yes, yes I do.

So I am trying to shake a few kilos and get my style back as well.

Pre-children I had a wonderful wardrobe of vintage pieces. I still have them, they just don't fit - at the moment. I say at the moment, because damn fool, I am going to get myself back into them, even if I have to pour my new found curves into them.

I am eating better, which is definitely a great thing. Though I am hankering for a sweetie - I still have them, just not like I used to. And that's ok.

But I also can't wear a lot of BC (before children) clothes because I am breastfeeding, and most things don't accomodate that kind of action. Ever see someone sitting in the park, looking fabulous in a 70s sunfrock, but oh - she has to lift up her dress to feed a little bubby. No, I didn't think so.
So I've been taking a look at aspirational mums, mums of style and substance to get some inspiration.

So there's Kate Moss. Look at her style - in Turkey, where 94% of the population is Muslim. Not such a wise fashion choice. More and more she's becoming a woman of dubious style, and substance.. abuse.. What was she thinking?

Gwen Stefani. She looks cool. Comfortable. Ready to go to the park. Do some finger painting. Bake cakes. Sit on the floor, snuggle and read books. This maxi dress is cute. I can do that.

I talked about BC lingerie before. When your underwear becomes less about being sexy, and more about being comfortable. But why do they have to be two separate things? My clothes have just become comfy, and not about style.

Nelly Furtado famously acknowledged she loved her post-pregnancy curves. Nicole Ritchie looks great with her new post-pregnancy figure.

And all of these women hire stylists.

I guess style is a sort of personal evolution. You can spy something that you wore when you were a teenage and it can make you cringe. Your wedding dress. Warm fuzzies. Those favourite jeans. Total love, and a little fear (that they're going to be a little tighter). So I'll keep going on my little evolution, maybe I won't come back full circle, but it will be some sort of amalgamation of the former me, with the now me.

And if I can't get into those treasured vintage pieces, at least I know my daughter will have a wonderful time rifling through them, just I have done with my own mother's clothes.


Christie said...

It is hard getting back on the style bandwagon after kids for lots of reasons...

I guess things (including dress & bra sizes) change & going to the park in 3" heels isn't that practical!

Sometimes I think about my mummy 'uniform' & think that the old me would be very disappointed!!!

I did get some great lingerie at Agent Provocateur in LA recently that was both sexy & practical-I guess that is a start!

Sarah said...

Oh sweet sister - you still rate on the style-o-meter! But, I do know what you mean, muffin tops were never an issue B.C!

Bird Bath said...

I bet you'll find your stylin' mojo soon...
I find it hard to get inspired myself after I've organised my three girls into their shoes, clothes and hairdos :/
I like Gwen's outfit looks achievable and comfy.