Thursday, 3 July 2008

A Taste Of My Life

I think that may be an inappropriate post title, given I just had to say to my son, "Take your mouth off the toilet."

When you become a parent, I think there's a whole minefield of things that you could never envisage yourself undertaking. Mine. Toilet training.

We started this whole thing - totally guided by my little man's want to do so, back at the end of April. He started off well. We had a couple of potties set up, as well as a small toilet seat.

We nurtured this desire to potty train with books. Books all about potty training. Such as 'Who's In The Loo?' by Jeanne Willis and Adrian Reynolds. 'My Potty Book for Boys' by DK Publishing which also included a very cute star chart to help things along the way. 'I Want My Potty' by Tony Ross. My little guy enjoys these books, it's helped to create a dialogue about what's happening in each of the stories. But largely, we let him lead the way.

It was going swimmingly.

Then we regressed. I started to get frustrated. Then things regressed even more. I felt even more frustrated.

Thankfully my sister told me to just stop and start again in a few weeks. I was grateful that she told me this. Otherwise I just felt annoyed and frustrated, and I am sure N felt the same way at me. I also reminded myself that he would get it, it was just a matter of the right time.

I also picked up this book that I read about on WeHeartBooks. It's got some great tips. I feel as though I can tackle it again more calmly!

So it's been a few weeks. We've kicked in with a new star chart. He's kicking goals and going to the potty when I ask him to - or when he recognises the need.

This morning I woke up to the sight of him sitting next to my bed sitting on the potty. Charmed I'm sure!


Alby Mangroves said...

Fabulous! And there are so many charming moments yet to come! I'm sure you will love them as much as I'm loving them right now :)) Had exact same experience with the stop and start.. it was the best thing ever when my Ratbag was willing to give it another shot!

Leni & Rose said...

My sister has just embarked on this journey with her son, I'll be passing on the links to those books to her, thanks!!! And Miss M and I are a couple of years away from this fun, thank God!!

Lisa said...

What a sweety, greeting you that way in the morning.

I like Elizabeth Pantley though I have not read the NCPS.