Friday, 22 August 2008

A Busy Beaver

Boy oh boy, am I kicking goals today or what?!

I've zoomed through my son's room, it's so clean you could eat off the floor. Not that you'd want to (particularly as you wouldn't want to get those bits of carpet stuck in your teeth, would you?), sheets changed, toys put away, oh man, I just love kicking goals. Score!

I've done the washing. Though it's raining here so everything is bound for the dryer. Boo hiss....!

I'm just about to start a big cook-up to freeze some purees for my wee little one. Wahhhheeee!

I did some stitching last night (man I am officially the slowest stitcher in the world, I got four piddly puffs done - better than none though, huh?). Yahooo!

Shame on me - because it's raining, and because I am completely hooked - I just bought a piece of this fabric - but really you should say, hey good work because I am HOPELESS at buying yellow fabrics.. How cute! Click here and you can get addicted too and I won't be so guilty. - Boo hiss? But big YAY!

I've taken some photos of my next project, but due to the grey-ness of today, I have been shooting in my *ahem* studio (also known as under the heat lamp in our bathroom). Please don't expect to see my photos ever hanging in the MCA.

I've done some work.

I've paid some bills. Boo hiss!

Yesterday I went for my walk (played relays with Matt so I could go) - yay bravo! Today due to the weather, I will be going in wet weather gear and will look even daggier, if that's even possible?!

And now. Well my camera has given up the goat (or is it ghost?). So pictures to be added later skaters.

PS - My two past titles have no link. Don't get any ideas alrighty?


cindy said...

Oh my I feel exhausted just reading it - all you need to do is learn to juggle at the same time and you will be set. I do love "a little goodness" too, got my eye on that bear one.

jodi said...

That's great fabric. yes, I understand the 'high' of having a clean house but I'm still coming to grips with how quickly it can turn messy again.

handmaiden said...

love those yo yos

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Love the puffs. I'm doing some to put on a little girls dress and my best record so far is three in a night. You're doing well!

Leni and Rose said...

Hey, very productive day! And my little package from that same etsy shop arrived last week - gee they have good stuff!