Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hooters And The Blowfish

This has been one of those weeks where I start to question things (you may be questioning why Pammy is on my blog?! Slow down dear reader, I'll get to it).

My son started off two weeks ago with gastro, which then went into croup, which then morphed into an ear infection. My babe has had bronchiolitis during this time too. It has been a pretty prickly time, and last week when I said I needed sleep, well now I've gone into over-time and don't want to sleep because I just can't.. You hearing me?

Anyway, this takes me to a couple of days ago when I was attempting to feed my babe. She's 8 months old. Cute as a button. Well of course I think that. Anyway, she fed at 11:30pm, so I trot in for her morning feed and she just growls at me. Arcs her back. Oooh man. Frustration Grand Central. I kept re-offering her the boobie, but do you think she'd take it. Uh uh. Not until 11:30am would she give in to my offers, and then only took one side.

So I felt like a lop-sided Pammy Anderson. In pain. In fear of mastitis. It made me think of this woman. Although I don't own a pink bikini. Or a navel ring. Oh and one small thing, my hooties are NOT 36MMM. But you know, I still felt like I should have got an application from Hooters.

Anyway, I needed some advice. My baby was bucking off the boobie like a wild bronco.

I contacted the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Man, are they gold, or are they gold? Dutifully, I took down the numbers to call for a little back-up. But then I discovered you can also email them (if it's not urgent) and someone will contact you within 48 hours. How's that for a brilliant resource? I sent off all my stats, a long, laborious email and not even five hours later, I got an email response from my new friend at the ABA.

And you know what? Her response made me laugh so hard - it was the best fix-it of all.

In my email I had asked about feeding off to sleep and how I was a little worried about this habit that seemed to be forming. Her response:

'There is really no evidence that it is bad to feed bubs to sleep. Tell me any man who doesn't like to go to sleep cuddled up to a warm pair of breasts ( exclude any gay friends!). Or anyone who doesn't like a cuddle when they are feeling tired or sad.. it's a normal human response really. And so long as it is working for you, there's really no need to change it.'

I love that. Thanks Marae - you're a Genius with a capital G!

And finally, my babe fed properly. I was no longer a lop-sided Pammy, with dreams to run along the beach in a high cut red swimsuit. Phew. Thank goodness for that.

PS - The new Small Magazine is out.. Could it be any sweeter? No, no I don't think it could. Beautiful. And there's a piece on Alicia Paulson of Posie fame.. Hello? Fantastic!


jodi said...

I will remember that ABA quote for a long long time. Thank you very much. Tell me...where do I buy a copy of small?

Bec said...

Yep - I completely subscribe to this theory too! The ABA are gold aren't they? They never failed to give me excellent advice and support at any time of the day or night (and there were definitely 1.30am calls made on some occasions!!)
Glad it all got sorted and the feeding is back on track again :)

Belinda said...

That ABA quote is fantastic - a subscription to the ABA worth every single penny eh? Glad you fought off the mastitis it's a nasty piece of work. Let the immunity gods now look down favourably upon your house!

Annalisa Backlund said...

Yes they're life savers aren't they?
If you liked their advice you will also love :

Same school of thought. I swear by them.

Glad you beat mastitis!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

They are treasures (and rather hilarious) at the ABA. Up there with the lactation clinic, where I had to take several remedial classes!

I reckon you need a rice heat packs like I made (but round) that you can use in an oversupply emergency. Would work a treat. I've still got all my heat pack making bits and pieces out on the table - let me know if you'd like one. :)

Leni and Rose said...

Funny! And true! I also got some advice from the ABA - they were so great. I was ready to pack it in after a few weeks, but I battled on with their help and I'm only just starting to wean now and Miss M's 12 months!

Sally said...

Breast feeding sure is an adventure of ups and downs. Thanks for this trip down memory lane.