Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Carnival of Catch Ups

This is me catching up. Look at me - watch me type! Part of tomorrow's to-do list:

  • Want to brighten up a friend's day, if you've got something to say head over here and send a Monk Email. I have spent way too long on this, but man, it is fun.
  • Tomorrow I'll be putting on my Jerry Seinfeld-esque sneakers and heading out on the track to get my heart pumping in the interests of becoming a life-time member of this group. Join up.

  • Go check out another pre-school for my little dude. I feel as though I am fumbling my way through this!

  • Make puzzles with my little dude. And clock up some pasting/drawing time with him.

  • Bake some bickies.. Stay tuned for those.. Something good, I can feel it in my bones...

  • Oh and I know you're probably sitting on the edge of your seat, bated breath, can't-wait-any-longer... Well the theme for this week's This Is... Are you ready? (Gosh I hope this has not been done before - if it has tell me!!) This Is My Favourite Children's Book.. I hope it's a fun one for everyone! New, old, classic, current, picture, story, novel, whatever it is, I can't wait for everyone to share their favourite children's book - and everyone must MUST have one because, after all, everyone was a kid once. Capiche? Glad we've got that sorted. Now on with the show... Oh and if you want to join up to This Is (it's muchos fun) head on over to Angela at Three Buttons and she can hook you up!

  • And the photo above.. Yep, totally unrelated.


cindy said...

I am struggling with my walking at only day 3, but accountability is working for me.
Love the childrens book theme too.

Georgie Love said...

Great monkey card site! Much monkey love! thanks for sharing. :-)

Bird Bath said...

Yay for children's books - love them! And handknitted jumpers - that green number in the photo is lovely.
Thanks for the monk e-link. Had a good deal of fun with that one!!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What an excellent time waster that Monk-e-mail is!

Good luck with the pre-school hunting. Pretty hard work, huh?

Great theme for this week's "This is ..." too.

Belinda said...

Man that Monk site is a seriously funny site. Only to think of something befittingly witty enough for them to say!

I quite like to send random ecards from!

Very nice This is theme..