Thursday, 14 August 2008

Reading Time

These days my reading is done mostly in front of the screen. Pretty sad I know, but I can read short bits and pieces, and travel all over the world just by clicking through.. I get around, oh yeah - and all without a passport and dodgy airline meals! Beauty mate!

Here are some interesting reads from a mama perspective...

  • I've been an Amanda Peet fan since I saw her in Igby Goes Down. She looked so cool - and hot- waltzing about the screen in tights and jumpers. I wanted to be her with those piercing eyes and big hair. Anyway, this interview is Amanda Peet on vaccinating your child. There was huge furore following this, but it's informative and interesting. Click here for the interview. Click here to watch behind-the scenes of that interview. And here for her response and apology.
  • For Melbourne mamas, click here and you can win tickets to see Justine Clarke perform live. And even if you don't win tix, go, she's worth it - she's fantastic in real-life (as opposed to pretend life).
  • Robyn Barker - of Baby Love fame, wrote a fantastic opinion piece for SMH this week about childcare. She's a smart lady - and pretty well sums up the whole childcare debate here.
  • For an instant injection of style into your day, check out The Sartorialist. I am completely hooked, and big loving Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) - he's always so sharp and witty with his style, and always manages to pull it off. Plus, here's an interview with the style zeitgeist here..


Laura Jane said...

Thanks for coming to see me at my blog, glad you liked the birthing story.

I like your short bio - canoodling with kids and petting cats - there are far worse ways of spending one's day, I can tell you.

Nice to meet you


(ooh, the verification 'word' is mwwaq' - sounds like I'm blowing you a kiss!

Sarah said...

Very interesting article by Robin Barker. Have you had a sleep yet (as per your last post)? I so remember those days of eyes hanging out, everytime you see the bed you want to crawl into it. Hang in there, it gets easier. And sleep becomes less important over time - probably because you are getting more. Be gentle to yourself.

jodi said...

The Sartorialist is inspiring...I especially love the shot taken a few posts ago....the back of a woman walking across the street in NY, floppy hat, v-neck shirt, big skirt, ankle boots, shopping bags. It will be me soon, with daniel too, when we honeymoon in NY...

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I really enjoyed reading through all these links.

The Amanda Peet interview was very interesting indeed. I think its a shame when people decide not to vaccinate their kids, based solely on incorrect information. I met a lady recently who had decided against the measle/mumps/rubella jab for her kids because she said it causes cystic fibrosis.