Monday, 18 August 2008

This Is... How I Like To Spend The Weekend

Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes

Originally uploaded by Karen C Li

Yes, yes this is how I like to spend my weekend:
- sleep in late (doesn't happen, but I can dream)
- a relaxed breakfast, ideally consisting of
Bills ricotta hotcakes
- a wander around a bookstore
- a meander through some markets, pick up a few pre-loved goodies
- a catch up with girlfriends
- a rumble with my babies
- some baking with my big boy, something sweet for my sweeties
- a DVD and a glass of sauvignon blanc
- a walk around the neighbourhood
- and a bit of lolling about in the sunshine, the beautiful sunshine.. Ahhhh...

That is if the kiddlies aren't holed up at home sick rendering all my weekend fantasies just that, a fantasy.

Might we have another weekend so we can try for all of the above ASAP? Roll on Friday.

Thanks to Angela at Three Buttons for hosting This Is.. And thanks to Bird Bath for this week's fun theme!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

That does sound like a very nice weekend.

Though I have to say, that as I scrolled down to read "a relaxed breakfast, ideally consisting of ..." I really thought you were going to say Oyster Bay sav blanc and cupcakes! But of course, when I think about it, that's silly. Breakfast is way too early for cupcakes :)

Katie said...

Cupcakes for breakfast - too early, never lol Your weekend sounds lovely and I can't wait to see your theme for this week!