Friday, 12 September 2008

Day 21: A Hot Date With A Garbage Bin

So Day 21 arrived fast on my doorstep. Inadvertently it coincided with our garbage day. And you know what that means? Pop the champagne people. It means combining two great things - a cause for celebration! You know what I am going to say already, don't you? You've probably already liaised with the police to throw me in the clink, after all I am a hardened criminal looking through other people's garbage. They might as well throw away the keys, I'm not ever going to stop. Not. Ever.

I even planned my walk so that the home stretch would wind up outside my favourite garbage bin. I never thought I'd say I have a favourite garbage bin, but folks, anything's possible these days!
I also neglected to mention that I did go over to this house during daylight hours to introduce myself (along with my two trusty sidekicks - my babies), but no one answered. This further convinced me that the house is a deceased estate and they just want to get rid of everything. So I fashioned a little note and left it in their mailbox, stating that I was totally available to help with their 'garbage' (please note use of inverted commas there). No call! Not a peep!

I started concocting all sorts of ideas in my head. Maybe these people had seen me rifling through their rubbish, and had called the police so that while I have my head in their wheelie bin, they could come and handcuff me. Thank goodness I have an overactive imagination and no one thinks of me, or else I could be writing from the penitentiary. Phew!

Opening that garbage bin lid is like opening a treasure chest. I just never know what I am going to find. A garbage bin of enema kits or a bin full of bounty? What's it to be?

For all you enema kit fans, no cigar. But what I did find this week were old tins. Charming. One had old Christmas ribbons and drawing pins, not very exciting, so much so, I didn't bother photographing the contents. But the tins, well oh lala!

Has my habit stuck? Gosh I think so. I'm already planning my walk for today, as well as my weekend walks. Mission accomplished! Thanks to Mikes for hooking me up with the good habits!


CurlyPops said...

Thanks for the hot I need to keep an eye out for deceased estates too!

Kirsty said...

Incredible. I can't believe how good to you that bin has been.

Jenaveve said...

Delightful finds!! And if you end up in the clink we'll all bail you out.