Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I've Set Myself A To-Do List, Of Sorts.

Next year I turn the big 3-0. In my mind, I'm still 23, but on paper I'm dirty 30. Flirty 30. Mmm. Sounds good.

So on my sidebar I had been collating a list of 30 things I want to do before B-Day. But that just looks messy, so I am putting it here.

Read it and weep (or mock, whatever blows your skirt up):

1. Learn how to change a tap washer (my husband can't, so someone better be able to)
2. Rekindle my love affair with knitting (and knit something more complex than a 1 ft scarf)
3. Learn how to cook an impressive meal (I love cooking, I just want to master something hardcore)
4. Visit more markets
5. Learn how to cook slow food
6. Spend more time with my babies
7. Write stories for my babies
8. Write my husband a love letter a week
9. Do our wedding album (it's been almost three years, I think I can start now)
10. Have our photos printed (I have thousands that need editing and printing... Hmm.)
11. Plan a holiday that's longer than two days
12. More dates (I'm not talking Medjool either)
13. Start writing again - at least 100 words a day
14. Go through my junk, get rid of everything I don't need
15. Have regular dates with my children
16. Start exercising regularly (I'm on my way! I'm on my way!)
17. Learn how to sew
18. Master a sponge cake
19. Try something new
20. Eat more fish (I'm a country girl, I find fish a difficult food to love, I try, I do)
21. Do a defensive driving course
22. Enrol in a calligraphy class
23. Lose my teenage tendencies
24. Start taking regular 'me minutes'
25. Laugh more
26. Change my look - if only for a day or two
27. Make a radical decision
28. Organise my super (whoa - now it's getting exciting here)
29. Organise our next girls weekend to Melbourne (my sisters, my Mum and I - woop woop!)
30. Wear my wedding shoes at least twice

Not exactly ground-breaking stuff. I might need to tweak this list. I might think of something more exciting to exchange a point for... Like learn how to charter a chopper. Not. Or eat grasshoppers. Not. (please read Not in your best Borat voice). Anyway. I'll keep you posted.
NB: Anything in italics is in progress!
Anything bold and in italics is done!


Paper Dolls for Boys said...

You are a youngin'! On my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40 (that I don't really have but am going to start now that you have inspired me) is send you your freakin' prize!

# 10, number 10! I have not printed a single photo since getting a digital camera. It's now probably a million dollar project.'

#12 made me laugh

#20 I always 'front' like we eat fish but we really don't. Never occurs to me.

#21 What exactly is that?

Miss Frugal said...

hi there i think that is a great list, creative, practical, family orientated well balanced. Hey i know that sounds geeky but your list sounds a much like mine so that is why i like it. Except mine has swim with sharks i mean really!

cindy said...

I turned 30 this year too. Hubby is 40 though and most of my friends are older so no-one had any sympathy for me - cause I was struggling. My fear is how quick 20 became 30 how quick is it going to be 40. Watching you kids grow too makes you realise how quickly time flies. At least if you can complete your list No.31 Should be lots of cocktails in celebrations until early the next morn.

Kirsty said...

I loved turning 30 & my 30s have been my best years yet!

Your list is jam packed with good stuff. You going to have a busy year.

Bec said...

I like your list. I also have trouble with fish - never thought to attribute it to my 'country girl' upbringing. But I'm gonna roll with it! And I always wanted to wear my wedding dress again (it was just a sundress, so totally feasible that I could wear it again). However I am finally not pregnant or breastfeeding, and I actualy now fit into it, and guess what. Yellow storage stains. Bummer!!!

CurlyPops said...

Love that list..what a cool idea!

Jimmy Trickle said...

I laughed at #30 - just this morning I was looking at my wedding shoes wondering when the hell I will ever wear them again (and my feet hurt just looking at them). AND they cost more than my dress (though not hard, because dress = freebie). Still they were very extravagant. Damn me for needing Navy shoes in Summer.

LynAnne Smucker said...

I remember feeling so..very old when I was about to turn 30. So, what did I do, I went with some girlfriends and got a tattoo. Anyway, now that I'm coming up on 40, I am thinking I better get busy since my birthday's in Dec. However, I still feel basically the same as I did in my twenties, go figure. Good luck with your list and love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

How's the list going? Just refreshed myself after seeing it on your sidebar and there are so many things there I'd like to do too. I've got 18mths until I'm 40 and I still think, hope, feel like I'm early 30's, sometimes even pre-kids! The scary thing is when I look at 18 year olds and realise they are closer in age to the kids than me!! Get ready for the best decade of your life, in your 30s you really can have it all!

Cheers, Lynda