Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Bowerbird and The Vegemite

mmm. nice dust. please note inspiration board in background - blank. obviously missing some inspiration, aren't i?

Today my son proclaimed he likes Vegemite more than he likes me. That's tender, isn't it? I mean, at school, I had (and enjoyed) Vegemite sandwiches every day (at my request). I like Vegemite but really it doesn't have anything on my mum.

Maybe boys are different.

I've had a busy day (who doesn't), swimming with Miss Trunchbowl blasting the boys to get in the water (what a treat on a wintery cool day), then zapping off to a meeting. But now I am back in the bower. I am the bird in my bower. Tweet tweet.

It's a quiet this afternoon, except for the occasional buzz of a far off chainsaw, and the quiet chatter of my own train driver directing trains around the track.

Here's one of my newest additions to my bower, via my good friend eBay, welcome Salty & Peppy. A bit worse for wear - but they're cute, aren't they? Try to tell me they're not!

Day 12: Walking:

I completed Day 12 of my walking yesterday. I took the kiddlies off to meet their Daddy at the train station, as well as pop into the post office and rid myself of some clothes I had sold on eBay (Poof! Be gone). Today it's bleak, but we're hoping to hot foot it down that way again. And I might just scatter my seeds while I'm out there (not to be confused with sowing my wild oats).

If you're a keen bean pop over to Meet Me At Mikes and hook yourself up with some walking love too.


cindy said...

Yeah to Day 13, you are doing great. I think once spring hits it will be so much easier when it is that bit warmer and the days a bit longer. Caleb likes to scoop fingerfuls of vegemite direct from the jar, I don't mind the stuff but that makes my stomach flip everytime. Gotta love the inbuilt male sensitivity, at least you made it above peanut butter.

Kirsty said...

They ARE cute!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

I'm a bit perturbed. When you went into the post office to rid yourself of the clothes, were you wearing them at the time? And does this bear any relationship to the sowing of your wild oats?

Just checking ...

Maureen said...

Boys are quite different...

Good for you with the walking! and to have short company as well.

Ravenhill said...

I adore your newest purchases! So cute!!!
~Emily in Norway

Ellieboo said...

I am trying to tell you they are not cute, because I like a challenge....but I can't they are too cute with cute names too. Stop with all this cuteness immediately!