Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Kind of Like The Pied Piper

I'm doing a bit of site maintenance on pottymouthmama over the next week or so. Spring cleaning of sorts. There will be a few changes. If you don't like anything I do let me know. Maybe we can compromise. Or maybe I can just ignore you, even if you type really loud.

I'm reading back through Leni & Rose's tips and tricks to get some pointers. Man, that girl is good.

Anyway, one thing I have added is pretty new to Blogger and I actually saw it over at Mikes the other day. The Follower widget - see just over there under my playlist (which is a list of music I have on high rotation). Join up and follow pottymouthmama.. You know you want to.


Kirsty said...

I'll be skipping along to your piping.

Ellieboo said...

How did you know I wanted to?

Hey thanks for your biting story comment over at Ellieboo - its good to know we are not alone. I thought I could see the funny side too until the little sod bit me - ouch it blooming hurt, she has a serious chomp.

Leni and Rose said...

Shucks! Thanks for that! I'm glad to help out...

I haven't looked at the new follower gadget yet - shall be off now to check it out!