Tuesday, 23 September 2008


In some crazy attempt to steer my son onto another interest other than trains, even if it's just for a fleeting moment, I've told him I am going to make him a superhero cape.

I told him on the drive up to Tamworth, to which he replied, "That's a good idea". Or something to that effect.

So while I was home I went to Spotlight. I think they must seriously have a mega-store because I could have got lost in there for days, happily, alas I had to get home for lunch and a visit from my grandmother. There are so many goodies to pick up there, it's sometimes difficult to stay focussed, but you'd be proud, I stayed on target.

This is what I've hunted and gathered to transform my son from train driver into superhero. What Superhero doesn't like a bit of bling? Keeps them looking schmick as they cruise through the air at high altitude. Think it can be done? Gosh I hope so for all of our sakes (otherwise you'll get some very funny after shots after I've had a go!). Luckily my sewing classes start in approximately three weeks, but I'll be darned if this isn't just the ticket to stretch my sewing know-how beforehand and show myself I can sew, even if it is wonky and wobbly and all of that. At least it will be made with a whole lotta love. Or even better, I will look for a simple tutorial.. Yes indeedy! If you know of one that's uber simple, can you let me know? Muchos grazias!
Edit: My good friend Google and I just found one here if anyone wants to create a cape too.

PS - If you were the Anonymous commenter (and we all know how much we love Anonymous when they have an acerbic tongue) who commented please send me your address. I have a Lucky Door Prize for you. As the winner of my Lucky Door Prize I'd love to send you a brand spankin' Webster dictionary, so that next time you comment, you can ensure your comment is spelt correctly. Because there's nothing more embarrassing than cussing on the mike when you can't spell the word, is there??


CurlyPops said...

I made a princess cape not long ago for a friends daughter. I just sort of made it up bu cutting a large rectangle, gathering the top and using fold over ribbon to cover the gather and tie up...easy peasy.
Can't wait to see your superhero cape, I love a bit of bling!

Kirsty said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished superhero cape.

& you'd be the girl always having the right thing to say at the right time - not the guppy with a light bulb long after the moment's passed (like me)!

Belinda said...

Looking forward to seeing the cape. And would love to, for my own amusement, see said comment as well!

Jeff said...

Here's another super hero cape I've made a few times http://pukingpastilles.com/?p=57

katiecrackernuts said...

Cool, who got the dictionary. Love a bit of a bust-up. How is the cape going? I remember my youngest stepson running backwards and forwards across a strip of lawn that we could see from inside the house. It was very funny. "There he goes, there he goes again, and, yeap, again." Back and forth ... I wonder what he imagined he was flying after. He had to get a bit of a turn of speed up to get the cape to flutter. Very cute.

mellimoomoo said...

Hi Miss Potty Mouth Mama! I've tagged your blog as one of my favourites! Feel free to pass it on, but only if you want to. cheers megan.
p.s super-capes are super-cool.

mayaluna said...

Your cape will be super! I love that you'll jump in before class...why wait, you can do it!