Monday, 8 September 2008

Less Talking, More Walking:: Days 14-18

I am just three days shy of forming a habit. It's amazing. Be astounded. I am the girl that cricked her neck playing La Crosse way back at high school - and then wanted to go home because my neck was so painful. Unfortunately my English teacher thought I was just trying to get out of a debate, so made me stay, with my neck cricked to one side (I couldn't move it) - and then I wound up at the physio, prescribed Valium, and off school for three days. Yep, that's the sort of relationship I have had with exercise. Anyway - this habit. It's a good one. I like it. I feel good. I like saying hi to strangers. I like spotting diggers and dump trucks with my little man. Impromptu trips to the park to push my little babe in the swing (my oh my - she digs it!). My pants are feeling a little loose. I've started getting outside more. Spring has sprung and I am out amongst it.Thank you Mikes!
Day 14: We walked down to the butcher - then down to the train station (which are in opposite directions). I talked my three year old into walking the entire way, which was no mean feat given it was over 3 kms - a pretty long walk for those little legs. He kept telling me he had wobbly legs, but I told him it was good for him, good for his heart, and he seemed to like that idea, so onward we went.

Day 15: It was teeming with rain. My sister told me to pretend I was walking in Europe, so I did. Layered up with wool, scarves, plus a rain coat, hat and brolly in hand. It was a walk with a purpose - to the supermarket and back. I took my mobile just in case I needed rescuing. In hindsight, I probably should have used it - but for some reason I like to punish myself, and so struggled home with $75 worth of groceries on one shoulder, contorting my body so I was walking like a wounded soldier, and my brolly in the other. I arrived home thoroughly wet and thoroughly pooped.
Day 16: Father's Day Family walk - another walk with a purpose - to the video store (I just can't call it a DVD store - it sounds weird), then to the park. Does it matter if I had an ice-cream in the middle of the walk? Nah. That's just a sprinkling of goodness. On the way home, we walked past a few bridges - since it had been raining, it was teeming with water.. Well, the water was running. We introduced our little man to the delights of sailing leaf-boats down the creek, and racing them. He delighted in this game, and we stayed far longer than we had planned, it reminded me of my own childhood. This is what memories are made of.

Day 17: To the post office to pick up my latest naughtiness. All $1.80 of it. Yep, I am officially the last of the big spenders, dropping money like there's no tomorrow. On the way home we played leaf-boats again, were directed which route to take home by our little dude, and got home in time for me to pull dinner out of the oven. Probably the first time in history our dinner has been perfectly timed. I can probably stop patting myself on the back now.

Day 18: It was just my wee babe and I today - so I made the most of it. Post office, oppy, then supermarket. I set a brisk pace because it was close to lunchtime and there's nothing worse than a sad little baby being pushed around. It's a cracker of a day - sunshine, spring on a quiet breeze. I spotted a bird's nest. I saw lots of activity in the neighbourhood. I totally scored at the oppy.. I do have such luck at the moment. And may it continue - it might even be catching? I have been thinking I want to get my train-fanatic son into something different.. Lately he's been showing interest in rockets, space ships - and I thought for Christmas I'd get him a rocket. Lo and behold, what was sitting at the oppy today?! My friends, a wooden rocket. Bingo!

I've bought a lottery ticket (someone made this suggestion in comments - funnily, just as I was purchasing said ticket - are you tapping my thoughts too?!). I am ready for my luck to continue. The Universe seems to have my phone (and my thoughts tapped - or is it ASIO?). If we won the lottery maybe then instead of looking at all these crummy rentals we could buy a little cottage of our own. Ha! You've got to dream big, right??

In lieu of throwing my computer out the window, I am leaving this formatting. I've tried correcting it four times, to no avail. What is with Blogger???


jodi said...

ok so now i'm getting jealous. Love the rocket and the coloured blocks. Fabulous! Hope the cheque came through too!

Cass said...

Wow that rocket is fantastic

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a cool rocket. But to be perfectly honest, if you said you were watching out for Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, I would expect that you immediately locate them in either the op shop or someone's wheelie bin!!

Michelle said...

Great rocket! And strawb pyrex! Cool!

Your walking habit has me inspired!

cindy said...

That rocket is devine, you know you are build a precident here, we are going to expect bigger and better things all the time now. Only 3 more days to go and you can be officially addicted