Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Secret

By now, most people have heard of 'The Secret'. You know that book that Oprah et al were banging on about? Where you have to put your desires out to the universe, and before you know it, that boyfriend, diamond ring, or great six-figure paying job will be knocking down your door. Well, I didn't read it. But I feel like I get the crux of it.

So I am putting it out to the universe. I could even be tempted to live the secret if it really worked.

We're STILL looking for a house to rent. Seven months and counting. We're lucky that we're not in a huge rush, otherwise we could have struck a deal with something less than desirable. A three bedroom (hey, I'd take four!) simple little home for our little family. It doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles. It doesn't have to have any bells and whistles.

It does have to have a little garden.
It does need a kitchen.
It does need a bathroom (preferably two different rooms, not big on bathing while cooking.. but remember
Kramer in the shower peeling vegetables?)

Get my drift? Or is The Secret that I have to be more direct. Do I have to say, I want a house with wooden floorboards, large rooms, a gas kitchen, a nice flat backyard, a big tree to hang a swing in, a shed for Matt to paint in, lots of light, in a leafy quiet area close to a train station?

So I've outed my secret.

I've been thinking overnight, if The Secret is such a secret, then why go on Oprah and tell everyone? Surely you don't want everyone to catch on and realise that if all you have to do to fulfill your dreams is to tell the world, then you don't want everyone doing it, do you? If I have a secret, I don't go on international TV and tell everyone. Not that my secrets are that exciting - mine are more like - 'Oh I was going to have one piece of chocolate, but it wound up that that one piece really was the whole block. One piece, whole block, well it still was one piece, just one very large piece.' Not really scintillating stuff.

Back to my brief for today. A house. Cute is good. Preferably not edible. Preferably not made by two out of the three below.

This is cute.

So Universe. This is my secret. Help a gal out!

What's your secret? Pop it in my comments, maybe the Universe is reading my blog too.


Kirsty said...

He he. I do believe in the carpark secret though.

Teal Chic said...

I posted about this little secret this week. I'm with ya on this as I have no idea what to think about this little book. I know they're making quite a bit of money off all of us who bought this book!

Mrs.French said...

I want a house too...this one would be just perfect!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

"not edible" hahahahaaaahahaaaa.

I will send you good thought, vibes and energy for a house. Then send them back to me please. I also don't need granite blah blah blah, just something that looks clean when I clean it, has a yard, makes me feel good to stand on the front steps and reasonably priced would be great! oh, and also not edible. That, my sister, was a GOOD one.

Amy Wing said...

I heart you.