Monday, 1 September 2008

Lost Love Notes: Spring Cleaning

I have crowned myself with the title - World's Biggest Baddest Procrastinator. Check out my sceptre and ermine coat (faux of course). Don't I look dashing?!

Well, the time has come to say sayonara to my inner procrastinator. I'm sick of it. I've got so much 'stuff' lying around that I can't bear it anymore. Spring's here and I'm going to spring clean it right out of here. It's not a matter of tidy house anymore, it's about playing Susie Homewrecker to the world's biggest silverfish. Those ugly things are getting fatter and fatter around here, there's no room for them either.

Things I have found in my clean up so far:
- about a bazillion newspaper articles that I was keeping to read later (Poof! Gone)
- catalogues that I might need (Poof! Gone)
- a few fat silverfish (Poof! vaccuumed up)
- clothes that are no longer worn (Poof! Ebayed)
- old bills (Poof! filed away)
- lost love notes (reread and filed)

I've seen the new Ikea catalogue, and it does have a few sweet treats. You know I LOVE yellow, and their pages especially dedicated to yellow are calling to me. Come get me. We're yellow. You love us. - That's what they're calling out to me. Particularly that brilliant linen cupboard. Egg yolky yumminess. But I'm still holding out for something to turn up at our local Vinnies and I'll just paint it myself.

Anyway, I'm into clean up mode. Stay tuned. I might even get into that throw out a bag a day thing I keep banging on about. I mean I might actually do it this time. Now wouldn't that be amazing? Poof! Witness the end of my procrastinating days!


cindy said...

I am a procrastinator and a hoarder, hubby is the total opposite and it drives him mad. I think it is so hard to change if that is not who you are. I think that new Ikea catalogue has thrown alot of people into a frenzy, I was there last week staking my claim.

A said...

Yes, I spied the lovely yellow cabinet too.
So sunshine happy...
And I've got the perfect spot for it... pity there's no spot for it on my credit card!

CurlyPops said...

MAybe you could poof some of that magical cleaning and chucking out over my way!