Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Stuff and Things

Today I am kicking goals like there's no tomorrow. The house is undergoing a masterful makeover, and now you can almost see the floor. In places.

I have to make a confession.
Pip, if you're reading this, I have been a bad, bad little walker. I missed yesterday. I could blame my friend, because it was due to meeting up with her that I arrived home late and had to dive straight into the dinnertime boogaloo, but really, it was poor planning on my part. Have I fallen off my 21 day road to a habit? No. No siree. I've planned my walk for today with my little family. At 3pm today, I'll be walking. Think of me, left-right, left-right. I'm going double time.

Anyway, confessions aside, my little dude and I have constructed a road from framer's tape on the road. That blinging doily that we used last week for lacework is now a pond - the white styrofoam things are ducks, swimming with the whale (I see that all the time at the park, don't you??). Over the road is the farm - blue bubble wrap masquerades as a river, some green fabric is the grass for the cow and the sheep. It's roadworks ahoy here at Chez PottyMouth.

I'm also set for a date with our kitchen, to whip up some more culinary delights for my wee babe from
this book. It's got so many great recipes, and I'm even tempted to eat some of them (actually all of them). Last week one of the recipes I made was apricot, apple, pear and vanilla bean puree. Man it was good.

And my fabric from here arrived from
here, so I'm fantasising about the day I amazingly just wake up and can sew (you might arrive at PottyMouthMama and think you're in the wrong place!). Today I'm auditioning fabrics from my stash for a little quilt I plan to make for my babe when she's bigger. Mmm. So candy it's almost giving me a toothache.

Hoppo Bumpo kindly pointed out the Deluxe Albert Einstein - and I have to say - sorry I forgot to mention that pearler. I also see the President Bush looks very similar to a cowpat... No?


cindy said...

I love the road, Caleb doesn't get those kind of exertensial thoughts. I don't know how such little people can creat such destruction. Love your fabric selection, I would offer to show you how to sew, but it is a bit far to walk even after extensive Mike training. I have the blue birds with pink ballons - one of my favourites. Your going to have so much fun, but be warned it is addictive!!!

Ruth said...

thankyou for commenting on my garden cake :)
and I love those fabrics, i will have to have a look at that shop

Bec said...

That farm looks awesome!!! We're in 'cave making' mode today. So the lounge has been transformed into a mess of blankets and chairs draped everywhere, with my two roaring at me pretending to be bears....
...love your fabric auditions...nothing more fun is there!!!

zofia said...

Love the farm construction- we have battlegrounds (highly influenced by the 6 year old) and killing fairies!!!
Ha, fantasizing about sewing! That is me too! I have a stash that is growing and growing...