Saturday, 13 September 2008

Saturday Special

Today I got to slip off by myself to Material Obsession for a quick hurrah, before heading off to yet another house inspection. Yes. The Universe has been less than forthcoming with houses these days, and since our good news on Thursday - my little man got into the pre-school I was hoping and praying for - we're sticking to this area - so that narrows our search somewhat..

Anyway - back to my solo mission. I was going to pick up some fabric I had had put away, but of course I kind of got a little distracted and wound up with just a few slithers of new fabrics... But I was pretty well behaved. I showed Matt my new pieces - let me tell you, he has an art (beyond his painting) that's very opinionated without saying a word.

Spots - he likes. Yes, very nice.
Big fat yellow roses - no comment.
Kaffe Fassett - yes, nice.
Green floral (AMH again??) - no comment.

Ah to be married to an artist with an opinion. Apparently the latter green floral is 'too acidic'. HMPH! Well I like it. Reminds me of lime in vodka tonic. A lime caprioska. Green grass in summer. You get me don't you??

Anyway, on other fronts, I've been doing my inspiration board. You might be wondering what I'm getting inspired to do, and so am I. But it's starting to look pretty nonetheless (and look that bling bling doily is getting another workout). Something I've been meaning to do for ages, it's just been sitting there in all its white glory for yonks. Now it's got six whole pieces of 'stuff' stuck to it. Aren't you proud of me? Mmm. Of course you are.

PS - Italics AND bold in one post? Yes, just another Blogger special, courtesy of Blogger of course, and an involuntary part of today's post. GRRRR!


CurlyPops said...

At least Matt has an artistic opinion.....Mr CP just takes no notice of most of my crafty stuff at all!

Sarah said...

Matt - ppppfff to you! I love them all Al! Jolly good shopping I say. I especially like the green acidic one. Cool design board too.
And about the house hunting....I'm sure one will be provided in the nick of time and possibly not before.

cindy said...

Glen always has an opinion but at least Matt has some reasoning behind it. I just get an "I don't like it". Maybe once you have made it into a fabulous creation he will change his mind, once blinded by you sewing fabulousness!!

Kirsty said...

I love capiroska green. There really is nothing better than icy lime.

On the house hunting...maybe your deceased estate?