Sunday, 28 September 2008

So Tired Sunday: Then There Was One

damien hirst's shark - a little different to our fish breeding program

We had a busy Sunday which was a happy, happy thing because I got to see my nephews and brother-in-law who I haven't seen in over a year. Particularly great because they got to meet their newest cousin, and we all got to kick back with a delicious lunch by my sister and other bro-in-law. Good times.

Previously on pottymouthmama I had mentioned our silverfish dying. Well would you believe we saw another two fatalities over the weekend and now there's just one lonely little fish left? It may have had something to do with the fact that Matt walked in when our son was tipping the fish from one bowl to another, rather excitedly. I don't think goldfish do that particularly often in the wild, hence their rapid demise. And today I see one of our snails is floating on the surface of the water. This pet-owning thing is not going well for us.
As a conclusion to the original silver fish that has left us to go swimming in greater waters - I must concur with a number of commenters. I think the other fish must have eaten him. You've no idea how much that disgusts me. It's almost as bad as the mice we had to breed in Year 7, our mummy mouse birthed a whopping 13 babies and ate seven of them. I can't ever imagine eating my own children, but hey - different strokes for different folks.
In other news, Emily from the delightfully effervescent and beautifully-hued sugar & meringue tagged me. Here's the lowdown on how to play:

1) Link to the person who tagged you
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3) Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
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Here are my six reasonably quirky and yet boring (quirky and boring - wowsers, I thought these things were mutually exclusive) things about moi:
* During Year 12 I got my Dad to tape each of the episodes of Australia's Most Wanted so I wouldn't miss it. I loved that show. I have some freaky fascination with crime shows. CSI - the original is my favourite. I even have a special CSI dance I do while the show theme music is running, much to the amusement of my husband.

* I am ridiculously terrified of spiders. I need to get over it, I know. But they seem to follow me. It all started when I was nine and had a life size poster of Elle MacPherson in my bedroom. I thought my sisters had played a prank on me and put a fake spider in my room. I went to pick it up and just as I went to grab it, the damn hairy thing moved. I didn't sleep in my bedroom for two nights after that. Following that they were in the car above my head. Then in some tracksuit pants my sister borrowed from me. I clearly remember lying on my bed when she came in to borrow them. She wondered what was in them, thought it was the drawstring and flicked out a ginormous huntsman. We squealed like piglets. Dad had to come and rescue us. See a pattern here? Spiders terrify me.

* During my pre-labour with my son I walked 2 kms to the supermarket. I was in denial and HAD to go to Coles to pick up my supplies to make labour aid (which subsequently exploded all over my foot in my sister's car on the way to the birth centre). I picked up Sex and the City DVDs on the way home while experiencing intermittent contractions and grimacing at the man serving me who said a little too cheerily "See you on Sunday" - all the while thinking, no, no you won't because you have no idea, but I AM HAVING A BABY RIGHT NOW! PS - I never even drank the damn labour aid.

* When I am nervous I get a rash all over my decolletage and it creeps up my face. Same happens when I drink vodka.

* I hate shoe shopping. I am probably the only woman in the history of mankind to ever say that. I have size 11/12 feet. It doesn't help when I ask for my size shoe and the shop assistant comes back and says, "No I don't have that size, but I've got an 8 or a 9." Well that's really useful, I'll just go either a) dislocate my toes, or bind them and shove those suckers on my feet, or b) chop off my toes.

* I ran away from university when I was 19. I asked this guy who lived in the same building as me to drive me to the train station and to not tell anyone where I had gone. I have no idea for the need for such secrecy, but I went home to my parents and knew I'd never go back to that university. A few days later the RA of the university campus accommodation rang up and asked my parents if they knew where I had gone. Of course they knew, I was at home in my old bedroom. Some people told me I'd regret it. I didn't. I've never looked back.
And six bloggers that I think should step up to bat for the boring yet quirky tagging?
- Hugo & Elsa (Michelle is living my dream life in Tasmania)
- Paper Dolls for Boys (Tracey - I know you have more of this)
Play if you want to. Come on. You know you want to.


Mrs.French said...

I loved learning more about you..and maybe it would be best if you stayed away from fish for a bit.

Bec said...

I love that you have a CSI dance. I have special dances for all sorts of things - a chocolate dance - a fav TV show dance. Glad to know I'm not the only one :P
And I totally get the spider thing. We grew up with an outside toilet. With a door that opened inwards. I would need two hands to count how many times I got trapped in that toilet with a huge huntsman on the inside of the door **shudder** and I still have nightmares involving monster spiders.....eeewwww happy thoughts happy thoughts....
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the read :)

Katanya said...

hey I hate shoe shopping too, I have size 11 feet as well..I actually had a shop attendant say to me once "oh you poor thing where do you get shoes from?" well if I liked high heels, a drag shop would be appropriate!
Love your sense of humour and blog..I tune in daily :)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Love your 6 quirky things (though some don't sound that quirky to me?). Hey, what the heck is labour-aid? Does it include Red Bull? I clearly missed that pre-natal class.

Thanks for the tag. I'll put my thinking cap on. I hope I haven't already gone out in a blaze of glory with my quirky feet this week :)

cindy said...

I think that is so funny that you ran away form uni to go home, doesn't it usually work the other way? Hang on I started 2 courses and never finished either - we are just wise beyond our years - that's it!
Thanks so much for tagging me (I must still be new as I love it), now I have to find more quirky and less boring.

JustJess said...

Me too with the shoe thing... Diana Ferrari clearance in Darebin Rd Melb has up to 12.5 so I am a regular when down south.

skinnyGLASSESgirl said...

11/12 FEET? no... you must be TALL! What is in Labour Aide? I hate spiders also.. and now i have to deal with scorpions!!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Turn my head away for a couple days and see what I MISSED?

I wish I could give you our fish. I am not cut out to be a pet owner.

Running away! Did you leave all your stuff? I hear you on the Most Wanted, while I was in college I could not stop watching Cops. Luckily I moved on to CSI.

Thanks for the tag, I will ruminate and post soon!

Emily said...

Thanks for playing!
I think we have a lot in common…
I hate spiders, love CSI, kill fish, ditched college…
Take care1